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What can you do when divorce mediation fails?

Mediation is an easy way that couples use to settle their divorce disputes. A mediator acts as the moderator, advisor, legal translator, etc. Sometimes a court may advise you to try the mediation process as it works better than the court process for some cases.

However, sometimes the mediation process might not work, and the mediator also has no other option but to advise you to look for alternative ways of settling your dispute. You should note that all is not lost if you do not agree after a mediation. Here are some other alternatives to take in cases mediation does not help.

Involve the court

You may take your case to court if you cannot agree through mediation. Sometimes the law may require that you submit your claim to court after the end of the mediation process, even when the mediation succeeds.

Go through mediation again

There are smaller divorce issues that you can discuss and resolve through the mediation process. If the first mediation failed, it does not mean that the second one will also fail. Trying out a new mediator may help solve the issue.

Do it on your own

According to the Mental Health article, a couple can go through a ‘no-fault’ divorce process without requiring any formal proceeding. Instead of wasting time and resources through mediation, you may choose to negotiate with your spouse.

The mediation process does not take your right to litigation. You can still go to court and file your complaint if you feel like the mediation process is not doing you any good.