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Psychological eval ordered after man’s bizarre request

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Family Law

It may come as little surprise to many people in Shelton that divorce proceedings can often become contentious. This is especially true when dealing with such sensitive issues as child custody. Divorcing parents may feel compelled to dig their proverbial heels in during such proceedings to the point of not giving any concessions to each other. 

This can often lead to frustration. In such situations, those involved may allow the emotion of the moment to prompt them to do or say things they otherwise would not under regular circumstances. Such action may inadvertently lead to trouble. 

A question of sanity? 

Even in cases where one might not have meant to have their words or action interpreted in a certain way, they often cannot control how others react to them (or the consequences they may face because of it). The case of a Kansas man working his way through a bitter custody dispute illustrates this point. The man actually proposed he and his wife settle their dispute through a “trial by combat” using samurai swords (he offered to fight her attorney in her stead if she refused). While he did indeed cite the fact that recent court rulings affirmed that duels have not been officially abolished, he did seem to imply the intended absurdity if his request as an attempt to prove a point. However, his wife’s attorney responded by claiming his request was a threat of violence. The court agreed, suspending his custody and ordering him to undergo a psychological evaluation. 

Doing things right 

Those who are unfamiliar with family law processes (or attempt to make light of them) could find themselves facing similar troubles. To avoid this, one might want to consult with an experienced family law attorney before undertaking any actions related to their case.