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Using boundaries to safely navigate divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Divorce

Going through divorce poses many challenges for couples in Connecticut, especially as they work to separate their lives and move forward as independent persons. The process of moving apart may create additional challenges for people who share children with their ex, work with their ex or have multiple mutual friends.

Establishing new boundaries can aid people in moving safely through their divorce without compromising their mental and emotional health.

Social media is risky

According to Healthline, one of the biggest mistakes people may make is choosing to utilize social media to vent about their relationship or oust their ex. Experts suggest that people unfollow their ex, refrain from stalking information about their ex and never post longwinded rants with dramatic details about their divorce. People who maintain a respectful, neutral and cordial stance in regards to discussing their divorce are better able to exude confidence and integrity which can help them move forward in an admirable fashion.

Setting new personal boundaries

When people do not recognize the need for creating new personal boundaries, they may experience sabotage at the hands of their ex. Boundaries enable people to address the formalities of their relationship change under their control and with a realistic perspective so they can continue to focus on other areas of their life that are necessary including their personal wellness, their career and their mental health.

PsychCentral suggests that once people identify and implement new boundaries, they take a direct approach in informing others about the changes. This requires people to be assertive and reorganize their priorities to take care of their needs before addressing the requests and needs of others.