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How can you make custody transitions a positive experience?

Sharing custody of your children is no question an adjustment for everyone involved. As you and your spouse reach a compromise on the topic of raising your children in Connecticut, you may need to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of your children.

Your effort to highlight the positives and encourage the continuation of healthy relationships may enable you to make a positive experience out of one that many views as inconvenient.

Preventing tension or resentment

You may experience difficulties helping your children accept their new normal. Your behavior will undoubtedly influence the way your children feel about and respond to the situation. If you verbalize your frustration and openly resent your spouse, your children may pick up on these emotions and refuse to participate in custody exchanges.

You may prevent undue tension in a variety of ways according to by committing to responding to custody exchanges with respect, civility and optimism. Some of the things you can do include the following:

  • Allow your children to participate in making decisions when appropriate
  • Practice mindfulness about your own attitude and be calm throughout the process of exchanging custody
  • Coordinate with your spouse to agree upon critical aspects of the plan
  • Establish a communication method that your children feel comfortable using while away

Encouraging excitement

When you know that your children are leaving to spend time with your spouse to do something exciting, share their enthusiasm with them. Encourage them to have fun and admit your anticipation to hear about their experiences upon their return. This approach may not only minimize tension and apprehension but reinforce your love for your children and your desire for them to continue building a relationship with their other parent.