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Can divorce impact your sense of self-security?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Divorce

Regardless of the length of your marriage, getting divorced may leave you feeling uncertain about your future. The very core of your identity may feel the impact of transitioning back to life as an independent person and set the foundation for doubts about your self-worth.

Experiencing an identity crisis is not uncommon for people going through a divorce. Factors that could impact your feelings of insecurity include the length of your marriage, the nature of your relationship, personality differences and your own self-confidence.

Why the insecurity?

Feeling insecure can impede your ability to perform at work and maintain important relationships in your life. According to Psychology Today, you may feel as though you have lost a sense of your identity with the separation from your spouse. This is particularly true in cultures where marriage and family play a central role in the way others view you.

If your spouse had more of a narcissistic personality, you may have relied heavily on his or her opinions to determine your own opinions and feelings about your value as a human being. Now, facing life alone, you may question your identity and feel as though any sense of self-security is permanently stripped away.

Rediscovering your identity

The sooner you begin on the path to self-discovery the faster you can begin to heal from your divorce. You may consider working with a professional therapist to work through the emotions and confusion surrounding your marriage. Therapy can provide you with insight into managing your emotions and help you discover valuable coping mechanisms that complement your lifestyle and personality.

You should also set aside adequate time for self-care. You could participate in social activities, pursue a hobby, practice meditation and develop talent among other things. Doing things that bring you joy can help you rediscover yourself and uncover your interests to reveal a stronger sense of security and value.