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What to know about international parental kidnappings

Most parents who are facing a divorce work together as much as possible to come up with an appropriate custody agreement. In some cases, however, one parent may feel so much rage that he or she takes the children to another location before a formal custody agreement exists.

When that parent takes his or her children to another country, however, things get very complicated. It is important for parents to understand if their children are at risk for these types of parental kidnappings and what they can do about it.

Who is at risk of international parental kidnapping?

According to 2-1-1 of Connecticut, a child may be at risk for international parental kidnapping if one of the parents has ties to a country other than the United States. International parental kidnapping usually occurs before a custody order is official, during a divorce or separation. Because both parents still have full custody, it is easier for one of them to flee to another country with the children. If one spouse has already threatened these types of actions in the past, the children are very likely at risk.

What can a parent do to prevent international parental kidnapping?

A Family Resource on International Parental Kidnapping clearly displays several warning signs that a parent may point out to a judge to prevent the abduction of her or her children. If one spouse matches any of the six profiles listed, the other parent may seek an emergency procedure to obtain a “pickup order.”

For those who fear that their children may be at risk for kidnapping by the other parent, it is important to seek this protection as soon as possible.