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Choose mediation and make divorce easier on your children

People who do not know you or your family become the final decision-makers when you go through a lengthy, often contentious divorce in court.

Many divorcing parents find that choosing mediation over litigation reduces conflict and makes post-divorce adjustment easier for their children.

Results of a study

In 2019, the Canadian Department of Justice published its findings concerning the effects of contentious divorce on children. It is not the divorce itself, but the high conflict between the parents that has adverse effects on children. The anger and bitterness can touch many aspects of the children’s lives from their mental health to their success in school, their relationships and their self-esteem.

Benefits of mediation

The divorcing couple meets with a neutral third party, a trained mediator who guides them while they work to create a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to them both. The mediator helps to diffuse conflict and keeps the negotiations on track through open and respectful communication. Learning how to use a positive attitude to achieve an objective translates to successful co-parenting behavior following the divorce.

Relationship help

In the state of Connecticut, the court will approve a parenting plan based on the best interests of the child. As a divorce option, mediation has a more positive effect on the children of the marriage than does litigation. The process focuses on reducing stress, minimizing conflict and emphasizing communication. Along with making divorce easier on children, mediation fosters best practices in maintaining comfortable family relationships in a post-divorce world.