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3 tips for having a successful child custody transfer

If you intend to share physical custody of your child with your ex-spouse after your divorce, you probably cannot cut your ex out of your life completely. After all, not only may you have to make some parenting decisions together, but you also probably must see your former spouse when you transfer custody.

Your child custody transfer is the meeting you have with your ex-spouse to swap your son or daughter when your scheduled parenting time begins and ends. Depending on the nature of your relationship, this typically brief meeting can be contentious. Here are three tips for having a successful child custody transfer.

1. Pick the right location

When you are negotiating your custody agreement or parenting plan, it may behoove you to pick an ideal location for the custody transfer. You may also want to have a backup site in case the primary one becomes unworkable. The following adjectives usually describe ideal custody transfer locations:

  • Neutral
  • Convenient
  • Accessible
  • Safe

2. Prepare the child

Before you arrive at the custody transfer site, you should be certain your child is ready to go with his or her other parent. Your ex should do the same. Dressing your child appropriately, packing essential items and feeding your son or daughter may help you avoid conflict with your ex-spouse.

3. Communicate early

Even if you make a good-faith effort to arrive at the custody transfer site on time, traffic or something else may delay you. Texting or calling your ex-spouse as soon as possible keeps expectations in check. Doing so also sets a good example for your former husband or wife to follow.

Even though your first few custody transfers may be awkward, forming good habits is likely to benefit you, your ex-spouse and your child. Ultimately, the work you put into planning your custody transfer builds a strong foundation for your co-parenting relationship.