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How can cooperation help your child cope with divorce?

Divorce is a difficult period of time for anyone involved, which is not always just the divorcing couple. For parents like you, your child will also end up involved in the divorce one way or another, despite your best efforts.

So how can you help your child cope with the split? There are several different angles you can tackle this from, starting with something relatively simple: cooperation.

Cooperation and divorce hardships

Psychology Today examines the positive impact that cooperation can have on divorce proceedings. Though this does sound simple in theory, it is often much harder in practice due to the tension and conflict that divorce can bring about.

But cooperation can go a long way when it comes to helping your child get through the hardships of divorcing parents. First, it shows the maturity and reliability from both of you. You can set aside your misgivings and work together to benefit your child, and they will notice and recognize this.

Building a stronger foundation

Next, it provides a stronger foundation, which they will need moving forward. Children often fear the instability of a future after divorce more than almost anything else. If you show them that important things will not change, they can accept the shift with a little more ease.

Finally, it allows you and your co-parent to work through possible topics of discussion before taking the talk to your child. This lets you organize yourselves, further contributing to the sense of maturity and reliability your child will need. It also lets you and your co-parent keep an eye on each other in talks, which ensures no one narrative ends up more established than any other.