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Can bird nesting work for your family?

Bird nesting exists as a potential form of co-parenting and housing in the event of a divorce. It offers unique benefits to both you as co-parents and also to your child, which means the whole family can benefit from it.

However, it does not work for every single family out there. Before you make the choice to give bird nesting a try, you need to evaluate your personal situation.

What is bird nesting?

As Divorce Mag states, while bird nesting has many benefits, it does not suit every family’s needs. Bird nesting involves keeping your child in the family home instead of having them travel to other locations in accordance with a custody arrangement. Instead, you and your co-parent will take turns living in the family home with your child.

Who does it work for?

Though this provides your child with extra security and stability, it requires financial stability on your part. After all, both you and your co-parent will need the funds to secure secondary housing of some sort, as you cannot stay in the family home non-stop anymore. Barring the financial ability to have two dwellings, you can rely on parents or friends for potential temporary housing. However, not everyone has access to this.

Additionally, not every family has two fit parents. If you suspect your ex-spouse of abuse or do not think them capable of living in the family home without incident, then you may not want to pursue nesting as a housing option. It works best for couples that already have some form of cohesion as a unit and believe cooperative co-parenting can work out in the future.