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How may I dissolve my marriage through mediation?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Blog, Mediation

Mediation offers a personal approach to ending your marriage with assistance from an impartial third-party intermediary. You may, for example, prefer taking your time to discuss property and child custody without the involvement of a divorce court judge.

As reported by, an objective intermediary facilitates negotiations and acts as a mediator while you work out details with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You could have as many discussions as necessary to reach outcomes that you both agree on. You may resolve disagreements and come to mutual conclusions on your own terms.

How may a mediator help resolve property division issues?

An experienced and objective mediator views your circumstances without judgments. A mediator may offer suggestions to help you reach your hoped-for goals. If you run into problems while discussing those issues most meaningful to you, a mediator may offer suggestions related to a more effective approach.

A mediator generally facilitates marriage dissolution as required under Connecticut’s equitable distribution laws. As noted on the website, marital property divides fairly between two spouses. Depending on the assets that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, you may need help during the process of valuing and dividing them.

Which assets may a mediator help me keep?

After tallying up your marital assets, a mediator could guide a discussion about keeping your fair share. Income and deferred bonuses earned during your marriage may divide fairly. Spouses may also discuss a fair division or a payout from a working spouse’s retirement plan. If you anticipate spousal or child support, a mediator could assist with negotiating a plan based on Connecticut’s laws.

Mediation serves as an alternative method for dissolving marriages without the court procedure. Couples with valuable assets may prefer to keep their matters confidential and take time to achieve favorable outcomes.