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Collaborative divorce may be better for your kids

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Divorce

Even if ending your marriage is the right decision, your divorce is likely to come with some complex emotions. Specifically, you may feel angry, sad or even resentful. These emotions are not exclusive to you, of course. In fact, your kids are likely to experience even more dramatic ones.

According to Dr. Carl Pickhardt, a clinical psychologist who writes for Psychology Today, adolescents often have more intense grief about divorce than their younger brothers and sisters. This is because teens are going through significant emotional changes.

A family-centered approach

Rather than being adversarial in nature, collaborative divorce involves a much more family-centered approach. If you opt for a collaborative divorce, you and your husband or wife work together to reach a consensus on many or even all divorce-related matters.

Because collaborative divorces are significantly less bitter than conventional ones, your kids may benefit from seeing you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse working together for the good of the family. If you can minimize the resentment your children feel, you may build a stronger foundation for your post-divorce family.

A budget-friendly option

As you know, it can cost a fortune to raise kids. Because collaborative divorce is usually less expensive than having an all-out battle in court, you have more funds to spend on your children both during and after your divorce. Remember, if your kids feel financially secure, they may have an easier time coping with the end of your marriage.

Before you decide to pursue a collaborative divorce, it is advisable to carefully weigh its advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, though, if you and your spouse can agree to one, your kids may emerge in an emotionally healthy place.