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How a collaborative divorce works

When it comes to divorce, litigation is not as popular of a choice as it once was. Many couples are choosing alternative methods to come up with a divorce agreement.

A collaborative divorce is one of the options that divorcing couples are choosing. This method may be a good choice for spouses who are able to communicate and work together.

Basics of collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce is a cooperative process between the two spouses and their attorneys. This process works best for those who get along enough and are willing to negotiate a fair divorce settlement. A collaborative divorce generally takes place over a series of sessions in which both sides work together collaboratively to find creative solutions to relevant issues such as debt and asset division, child custody, living situations and spousal support.

According to the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation, the collaborative process may also involve other professionals to help settle disagreements. These professionals may include child psychologists, finance professionals or divorce therapists.

Before beginning the process, both sides agree that, if they are unable to reach an agreement and decide to continue with litigation, they each will hire new attorneys for the process.

Benefits of collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce is less expensive than going through litigation. The process also encourages respect, honesty and thoughtfulness from both sides. Collaboration encourages better communication between the divorcing spouses, and this improved communication tends to continue even after the finalization of the divorce. Each side also has better control of the outcome, and there is a better chance of reaching a resolution that is mutually beneficial.