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How does collaborative divorce save you money?

While you may feel as if many aspects of your Connecticut divorce are out of your hands, there are certain things you maintain at least some degree of control over. For example, you and your ex may decide just how acrimonious your split is going to be, and you also get to decide what method to use to end your marriage.

Per U.S. News and World Reports, one possible way to save money when you divorce is to end your marriage via an uncontested, or collaborative divorce.

How collaborative divorce works

In an uncontested or collaborative divorce, you and your former partner work out most of the terms of your split without actually having to go to court. How much you rely on attorneys depends on your specific situation, but in some cases, you may not use them much until you and your former partner have already worked through many of the terms of your divorce.

Why collaborative divorce is often cheaper

There are several reasons opting for collaborative divorce may save you money. For starters, by nature, collaborative divorce is much less adversarial than a traditional courtroom divorce. Instead of having your respective attorneys work against one another, you and your ex work through most of your issues on your own, which may save you a considerable amount on legal fees. It may, too, make you less likely to fight one another tooth and nail over every last asset or issue.

While it may not work well for all former couples, if you and your former spouse agree to divorce through this method, it may give each of you some extra money to work with when you start your new lives on your own.