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How can you manage stress during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Mediation

Divorce is one of the most high-stress life events. While it may be necessary, it can still lead to excessive stress and health complications associated with stress.

Stress management skills could help you to navigate the divorce with fewer complications.

Choose less confrontation

Confrontation can increase your stress levels. Fighting can become a stress trigger that results in a chronic fight-or-flight mode. In contested divorces, the stress levels tend to be higher. However, when you seek mediation, you have a third party that can help with communication between you and your former spouse. The goal of mediation is to satisfy both parties, which can ease some anxiety you may have over the process.

Seek out support

Seek out friends and family throughout the course of your divorce for support. Divorce can feel like a lonely process, but when you have loved ones around you, it can alleviate your stress. If you do not have friends or family nearby, consider joining classes or meetup groups to interact with others. Additionally, support groups that focus on divorced individuals may provide you with peace of mind.

Take care of yourself

Try to manage your stress by caring for yourself. Healthy choices like exercise and eating healthily can help manage your stress levels and decrease the chances of developing chronic depression or anxiety. Try activities known to encourage a calm state of mind like yoga and meditation.

Knowing that there is no winning or losing in divorce mediation may help you stress less about your future following the finalization.