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Improving your custody-sharing experience

Sharing custody may provide a positive opportunity for your children to have a relationship with both parents even if you divorced your former spouse. However, both parties have to work together to achieve that outcome.

Making your custody-sharing experience a positive one requires flexibility, patience, respect and trust. Achieving balance could take time, but with adequate effort, sharing custody can have many benefits.

Respect each other’s parenting efforts

Co-parenting with someone you no longer share a relationship with can have its challenges. Start by looking for commonalities that still exist. Remember that even though your ex may have not been an ideal partner, those attributes may have nothing to do with parenting abilities.

Show respect for your ex’s parenting efforts. Do not try to exert control over your children or your ex when they are together. Similarly, set boundaries for when it is your turn with your children. Kindly ask your ex to respect those boundaries. Mutual feelings of respect and support can make a considerable difference in everyone’s experience.

Collaborate on financial responsibilities

The financial responsibility of raising children when sharing custody could cause a lot of disagreements without some provisions in place. According to CNBC, some ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of shared custody finances include maintaining open and honest communication, as well as strategically filing tax paperwork. You might also consider taking advantage of digital payment systems to regulate responsibilities and avoid misunderstandings.

A lot of children have a wonderful childhood despite their parents’ divorce. You could potentially have that same opportunity when you do your part to put your children first.