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What are mistakes to avoid during mediation?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Mediation

Mediation can make the divorce process easier. However, parties can still make mistakes that complicate things unnecessarily.

If you are considering using mediation to finalize a separation, avoid these missteps that may sour the process.

Focusing only on the ideal scenario for yourself

You might read stories or listen to advice that paints a rosy picture for someone in a similar situation as yours. However, no two divorces are alike, and the circumstances can make what is ideal for one case inadvisable for another.

The goal of mediation is to do right by all parties. Come to the table ready to sacrifice things for the long-term benefit of everyone.

Not considering what meets the needs of the children

A parent’s desires do not necessarily fulfill the needs of the children in all cases. Even if parties agree on an issue, parents should be aware of how decisions might negatively affect their kids.

For example, you and your ex may agree to live in different cities. However, uprooting to a new location could overwhelm children who are trying to cope with the consequences of the divorce. The comfort of stability can be invaluable for young ones’ mental and emotional health, so avoid hastily making drastic lifestyle changes.

Not doing enough research or preparation

Though mediation can permit a speedier and more amicable split, you have every right to ask for what is fair as you divide assets and parenting time. Instead of making a quick offer to settle things, listen carefully and weigh your options before agreeing to anything. Patience can help you achieve a better result for all.

Mediation can be a practical method for dissolving a marriage. Still, it is wise to be aware of common mistakes that harm the outcome.