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Planning for divorce Part II - The Financials

Welcome to the second installment in our “Planning for Divorce” series.  In our experience, we have found that our clients fare better when they take the time to plan for their divorce by taking additional steps to solidify their life after divorce instead of just quickly meeting with a lawyer and filing a petition as quickly as possible. Yes, the end of a relationship  is an emotional experience, but your decisions in a divorce should not be based solely on emotion.

Planning for divorce, Part I - When not to file

Planning for divorce is an important, yet seemingly underutilized aspect of the process. It almost appears as if people get upset, feel as if they cannot take any more of their spouse, and decide to meet with a lawyer to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. We understand that you can feel trapped, depressed or angry about being in a bad marriage, but you don’t have to go through emotional and financial trials getting out of it.

How to deal with a difficult co-parent

In our last post, we noted how difficult it can be to co-parent who is set on making your life miserable. They will resort to dirty tricks, be cantankerous when it comes to modifying a schedule, and will undercut you at every turn. Despite these difficulties, you still have to be a parent, and there are ways to avoid losing control and doing things that could jeopardize your future parenting time (as well as your freedom).

Are you dealing with a difficult co-parent?

Getting divorced may be hard enough with an ex who is petulant, juvenile and vindictive. While you may no longer be married to this person, you still may have to co-parent with them, even though you may be awarded sole physical custody. The petty fights about paying registration fees for sports leagues, scheduling parent-teacher conferences and sharing information about medical procedures may still spark confrontations.

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