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Divorce mediation after a divorce?

Many Connecticut residents strive to have as amicable of a divorce as possible, but due to the important issues that can come up, this isn’t always possible. People ending their marriage will have to deal head-on with sensitive issues involving how assets are divided, if spousal or child support is necessary, and how to raise children. One way that people can help keep peace during a divorce is to take advantage of divorce mediation.

When individuals hash out the details of their divorce, it’s easy for emotion to get involved, especially since the majority of people who divorce do so because of bad feelings about their spouse. A mediator could help keep negotiations calm and enable couples to make choices together that are mutually beneficial. However, once the divorce is over, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a couple no longer has to deal with each other, especially if they have children.

Divorce mediation can actually be helpful before, during and after a divorce. As children age, choices will need to be made about what type of school they will attend, how to pay for college and how to manage if one parent moves out of state. These discussions can end up being just as unproductive as negotiations during a divorce, which is why mediation can be helpful for years after a couple has split.

The mediation process can enable people to keep control of how their divorce is handled instead of ceding it to the courts. An attorney who offers mediation services may be able to help couples handle negotiations in an amicable manner and help them achieve equitable resolutions.

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