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People often make avoidable mistakes during divorce

Divorce negotiations can be emotionally overwhelming for Connecticut couples. There are many difficult decisions that must be made, and often the emotions can get in the way of making the right decisions. These decisions will have long-lasting consequences, and if errors are made, they can significantly impact a person’s life negatively after the divorce.

Using anger as a basis for action is one of the biggest mistakes that people make during a divorce. Letting emotions dictate how someone acts during divorce mediation can lead to making decisions that will only hurt the person who’s acting out. It’s better to base decisions on the facts and the law so that all parties involved, including any children, will have a more comfortable situation after the divorce.

Making decisions without understanding the law and what each person is entitled to is another big mistake. When facing a divorce, the best thing that someone can do is educate themselves by researching and talking to experts and law professionals. This could help the person make the correct decisions each step of the way.

Another major mistake is settling for less than a person deserves or committing to too much. Whether receiving or paying out, each person needs to be able to continue their lives comfortably after the divorce. Everyone should try to be fair in the negotiations.

Finally, many people lose control of the proceedings by letting their lawyers make the decisions for them without fully informing them of what’s going on. Although a lawyer represents their client during proceedings, the client should be fully aware of every step of the negotiations and should be an active participant of the decision-making process. A lawyer is a valuable resource for a person undergoing a divorce due to their knowledge of the law and their experience. However, the client is still the one who will have to live with the consequences.

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