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New app provides financial management tool

Connecticut parents who have gone through divorce or separation know the emotional toll that this can take on themselves and their children. A new child support app hopes to help homes run more like a business and take the sting out of the system. The subscription-based service provides an app for parents who may need an easier way to deal with the record-keeping and math involved in tracking child support payments. However, its ultimate goal is to become a toll for family financial management.

The app can help by removing the stigma related to certain family conversations that might make families uncomfortable. It helps to tackle the problem that sometimes arises when parents are forced to work out child support arrangements outside of court or when their orders to not provide enough specific details to determine which parent is responsible for each expenditure related to the child. A series of debits and credits may emerge in this situation. The app helps by letting its users scan receipts into the phone and store them. This information is then disseminated to the other parent for optimal transparency.

The app can be used in other contexts, as well. For example, it can help siblings who are caring for aging parents. One sibling may pay the mortgage while the other is left with the remaining expenses. The two siblings may wish to reconcile the information together. The app allows families to share only the amount of financial information that they wish to share.

Individuals who are not yet receiving child support may wish to consult with a family law attorney. A lawyer may be able to explain the type of information that may be part of a child custody order and if it is possible to add any more specific details into the order to avoid any confusion between the parents.

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