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Applying for child support in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Social Services has a Child Support Enforcement Program that is designed to assist parents in obtaining child support. The program works not only to collect child support, but also to establish paternity and child child support orders in the first place or modify existing orders. A parent may also seek the state’s assistance in locating the non-custodial parent.

The program provides access to applications and other forms that a parent may use to request services. The parent need only fill out and print the forms and make an appointment with a local child support office to request assistance. The forms should not be signed until the parent arrives at the child support office. The offices do not accept walk-in appointments, so it is important to call in advance.

If a parent is seeking to enforce a pre-existing order, a certified copy of the order must be brought to the appointment. Any documents that establish paternity, such as an Affidavit of Paternity, the child’s birth certificate or a court order are also required. Parents seeking assistance should also bring a photo identification to the child support office, and a picture of the other parent, if possible.

A family law attorney can help a parent fill out the forms needed to seek the state’s assistance in obtaining and enforcing a child support order. The attorney can also assist in the location a missing non-custodial parent, seek to establish or modify a child custody order or modify an order when circumstances change. If a parent does not pay support, the attorney may be able to help enforce the support order.

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