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You can achieve a calm, respectful divorce

Just because a marriage ends doesn’t mean that the couple has to let it get ugly. Many couples realize at some point that they simply don’t want to continue the relationship. If one or both spouses realize that a divorce can remain as calm and restful as they let it, it is entirely possible to achieve divorce without creating crisis.

A focus on civility and respect

Even in the face of great conflict, couples can choose to approach their divorce intentionally, to help each other move on and avoid the temptations to punish each other in the process. However, it is difficult for couples to navigate divorce together amicably without proper legal counsel. Even in instances where couples want to keep things civil, the difficulty of reaching fair divorce agreements that address every area that a complete divorce requires is considerable.

Talk to a lawyer who offers mediation

If you and your spouse want to keep your divorce civil, you should consult with an experienced attorney who understands the local justice system, and who also offers divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is an exceptionally useful tool that allows couples to fully address all the legal issues involved in divorce while working together to reach fair agreements.

Who benefits from divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation benefits many different types of divorcing couples, and is generally useful to couples who want to treat the process and each other with respect. Even if a relationship is contentious, couples who value approaching the process fairly can overcome even very difficult conflicts involving complex assets or privileges.

How the process works

In divorce mediation, both spouses work with a professionally trained mediator who focuses on helping both spouses compromise to mutually win and mutually sacrifice. When a particularly contentious issue arises, the mediator understands how to help spouses understand each other’s needs and priorities.

A good example for children

Mediation is also useful to parents who want to divorce peacefully and demonstrate to their children how mature adults address grief and disappointment. For those who leave themselves open to opportunities to turn a difficult season into a season of growth, divorce mediation often proves a good fit.

Mediation for high-conflict situations

Those who feel that their issues are more complicated or messy may also benefit from divorce mediation. While the negotiations may grow tense, divorce mediation creates an atmosphere aimed at compromise rather than winners and losers.

Is divorce mediation a fit for you?

If you believe that divorce mediation may fit your needs, or if you want to try mediation but have concerns that your divorce is too hostile, you should consult with an experienced divorce mediator.

A professional divorce mediator can help you and your spouse achieve the divorce you need and work together to protect each other’s rights and create a clear path forward.