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Splitting on good terms may be easier with a divorce coach

Any Connecticut resident who follows the news has likely heard about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ divorce. What’s remarkable to many people is how smooth the process went. One way for other splitting spouses to achieve a similar goal is to work with a divorce coach. This is an individual who helps couples navigate the divorce process in a way that’s healthy and productive.

A collaborative divorce coach usually works with other professionals, including lawyers and financial experts. A coach who has mental health and mediation experience typically coordinates team efforts to keep everyone focused. In order to keep conversations moving forward, they may also provide extra support on the side if a spouse is stressed or having a hard time dealing with certain aspects of the negotiations.

Many coaches also provide individual counseling to help clients achieve better clarity as they discover solutions right for their unique situations. Some coaches even do mental rehearsals ahead of time so that a client isn’t blindsided as they enter the negotiation phase while ending a marriage. It’s usually advised that a spouse considering a coach take time to find someone who is a good fit. For example, it could mean finding a coach familiar with child custody negotiations if kids are involved.

Since a divorce attorney is often familiar with the mediation, collaborative and litigation processes, they usually don’t mind having a coach on board as well. In fact, the coach could minimize issues with sticking points that sometimes complicate efforts to negotiate a fair settlement. However, a divorce coach is more likely to be a welcome part of the process if the couple has a mutual willingness to work together on some level.