The divorce process is challenging for a host of reasons, from the high levels of stress associated with ending a marriage to financial uncertainty. However, matters involving kids are very tough for many parents and particularly difficult issues, such as custody disputes, raise many questions. Moreover, some people have additional stressors while working through a dispute over child custody, such as those who begin a new relationship while in the middle of a custody battle. In this post, we will examine some of the concerns that people in this position have and strategies to increase the odds of a favorable outcome.

Some people are not ready to enter into a new relationship following the breakdown of their marriage, while others find a new partner before their divorce is finalized. If you are in a new relationship after splitting up with your ex, it is important to prevent strain from your former marriage and the divorces process from interfering with the health of your new relationship. Sometimes, it is tough for people to find support from their current partner with regard to family law issues involving a former spouse.

You should recognize some of the different strategies that are available with regard to managing your divorce (and working through a custody dispute). For example, reviewing all your options closely is one way to improve your circumstances and increase the chances of a smoother experience. Custody disputes are very draining for many parents and it is vital to prevent the stress associated with this contentious facet of family law from wreaking havoc on other parts of your life, especially a new relationship. Explore our custody section for more related to addressing custody disputes.