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What Should I Know About Child Custody Law?

The court handling your divorce case in Connecticut can also rule on the custody of your child. The standard statutory provision states that if you have children with your spouse during your marriage, you will have joint custody. Again, it says that you will both have a 50-50 parental right over your kids after you separate. 

When ruling on a custody case, the interests of your child will largely influence a court’s ruling on which home to place the child.  It will also consider your wishes and your partner’s to make a ruling on custody so long as they do not interfere with the child’s well-being. 

The judge will choose from some custody types. They may decide to grant temporary custody to only one parent who gets awarded as the divorce proceedings are ongoing. On the other hand, a court also has the discretion of granting exclusive custody to only one parent, which you may refer to as sole custody. Exclusive custody gives you all the rights to custody. 

In exclusive custody, the excluded parent will get endowed with supervision rights. The court can also rule to allow him or her to enjoy non-supervised visitation rights. 

The court may also grant you joint custody, which gives you equal rights with the other parent when making decisions for the child. Typically, a court will only award joint custody after it gets convinced that both of you can satisfactorily perform your parenting. 

If you are suing with intentions of getting exclusive custody, then you must convince the courts that the custody will benefit the child.