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3 major benefits of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Mediation

Couples today divorce for all kinds of reasons. You may decide to end your marriage not because you see your spouse as the enemy, but rather because your relationship has changed to the point where a marriage no longer makes sense. Under these and similar circumstances, it may benefit you to consider divorce mediation.

Per Psychology Today, divorce mediation is when you and your ex work together alongside an unbiased third-party mediator to work through the same matters you would in litigation. There are several important benefits that mediation offers, so many former couples find it worthwhile to consider this option. Many people in your shoes do so for the following reasons.

1. It costs less

Mediation is almost always cheaper than litigation. Instead of each paying for your own attorney, you together share the expense of the mediator. You may also work through asset vision and related matters faster than you would through litigation, which may lower costs even further.

2. It is less stressful for kids

Rather than watch you and their other parent bicker over every asset and concern, kids whose parents undergo mediation learn that their parents still have the capacity to work together for the good of the family.

3. It may help you maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship

Mediation, by design, is less combative than a litigated divorce. Rather than pit you against one another, it requires you to work together. So, mediating your divorce may help you and your former partner walk away from your marriage as friends, or, at least, as healthy co-parents.

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