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Is it possible to modify a child support order?

Like all parents, you understand you have a financial duty to support your kids. During your divorce, there is a good chance the judge formalized this requirement. That is, you probably send monthly child support payments for the benefit of the young ones in your family. 

In uncertain economic times like these, though, keeping up with child support may seem virtually impossible. Fortunately, Connecticut law allows judges to modify child support orders in a couple different situations. 

The support order deviates substantially from the guidelines

In the Constitution State, judges must consider formal guidelines when making child support orders. If a judge deviates substantially from these guidelines, either parent may request a modification. 

Therefore, if you are having difficulty paying child support, your first step is probably to see if your ordered obligation is considerably higher than the norm. 

There is a material change in circumstances

While it is certainly possible the judge in your custody case deviated from the support guidelines, it is likelier your inability to pay is due to a change in circumstances. Luckily, in Connecticut, a material change in circumstances is grounds to seek a modification of a support order. 

Here are some common situations that may warrant a support order modification: 

  • A change in either parent’s income 
  • A change in the cost of raising the child 
  • A change in family structure 

Failing to pay child support exposes you to a variety of legal and financial consequences. Whether because of a change in circumstances or a deviation from the support guidelines, seeking a modification of your support order may help you provide for your kids without violating the law.