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The benefits of mediation during a divorce

Not all divorces result in conflict and bitterness. In fact, some couples agree to part ways very amicably and truly want the best for each other. Low-conflict divorces such as these often benefit from a mediation process to work out the details.

Mediation is an informal process that utilizes an impartial third party to help negotiate divorce issues such as asset division, parenting agreements and more. There are many benefits for couples who choose to use mediation.

Mediation is faster and less expensive

According to FindLaw, divorces cases involving mediation are often much faster than a traditional divorce. While a traditional divorce can easily take six months or longer to finalize, mediation generally resolves any disputes within weeks or months.

Because mediation happens outside of court and takes less time, it is usually much less expensive than a traditional divorce.

Conflict resolution remains confidential

According to the Family Services Administration of Connecticut, conflict resolution remains confidential. In a traditional divorce, certain information may become part of the public record. Some couples choose to go this route simply for the privacy it provides.

Couples retain greater control

If a divorce goes to court, the judge generally has the final say when it comes to property division, child support and custody. During mediation, however, each party can work together to reach an agreement that works for everyone. In cases where the two parties cannot agree, a mediator may suggest or recommend a course of action.

One thing to remember is that mediators do not have any legal authority to make decisions regarding a divorce. Mediators are meant to help facilitate a peaceful transition for each party. For those who cannot agree on most issues, a formal divorce may be more advantageous.