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How can a collaborative approach to divorce reduce stress?

Many people associate divorce with stress and frustration. Between child custody, asset division and court visits, it can seem overwhelming at times.

However, collaborative divorce is another less-known method for getting a divorce. This process allows you more freedom in how you negotiate and plan your settlement decision.

Allows for informal discussion

According to Psychology Today, the collaborative process takes place outside of court, where there are no judges or court officials. Instead, a neutral third party oversees any discussions between you and your ex-spouse.

This can be helpful for talking plainly and honestly, since the emphasis is on coming to a mutual agreement you both approve of. It can also reduce the amount of stress you feel since you can be truthful about what bothers you or what you need out of this divorce. Tough topics like child custody are easier to discuss in this setting.

Focuses on win-win situations

While you may feel pressured in court to only defend your side and not work together, collaborative divorce encourages communication and empathy. Problem-solving and coming to a mutual agreement are important parts of collaborative law.

Takes children into account

Collaborative divorce allows you both to write a plan with unique provisions for topics like child custody or asset division. If your children have needs that a court may not recognize, then it could benefit you to choose this option.

The process also typically takes less time and money to complete than a traditional divorce. If you both have children, then collaborative divorce may also create a less stressful environment between the two of you.