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How Connecticut determines the “best interests of the child”

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Family Law

When you have a child with someone in Connecticut and the two of you disagree on parenting time or custody terms, you may need to ask the state’s family court system to come up with an arrangement on your behalf. When figuring out custody arrangements, the state refers to the same set of variables.

Per the Connecticut Judicial Branch, Connecticut courts try to come up with custody arrangements that are in your child’s best interests. They may consider the following when doing so.

The wishes of each parent

When possible and appropriate, courts may try to make sure that both parents get to have the child live in their homes at least some of the time. An exception to this might be if one parent has a history of family abuse or violence.

The child’s current living environment

Courts may also consider the current living environment of the child in question and whether it makes sense to change it. Courts may also assess the child’s current living environment, and any proposed new ones, to make sure they are stable and appropriate for kids.

The parents’ actions toward one another

Courts may also consider you and your child’s other parent’s willingness to keep the lines of communication open and otherwise encourage communications with the other parent. Conversely, the state may also consider whether either parent has engaged in manipulatory tactics to turn the child against the other.

These are among the factors Connecticut considers when setting custody terms. However, many other considerations may also undergo review.