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How can you create a successful co-parenting strategy?

One of the most important decisions you have to make during a divorce is how to raise your children through the divorce and to follow. A parenting agreement provides rules to follow, but the best way to co-parent is to have a strategy with the other parent. A parenting plan includes parenting time schedules, financial matters and decision-making responsibilities.

According to the U.S. News, no matter how you feel about the other parent, you still have to work together to raise your children.

Keep all lines of communication open

You and your former spouse need to communicate. Many marriages fall apart because a couple cannot communicate effectively. Even if this describes your relationship, you need to prioritize your children over discomfort. When co-parenting, approach the other parent as if you have a business together.

Encourage openness of your children

Even if the open conversation with your former spouse is difficult, you need to put forth the effort to teach your children to stay open. Communication is critical because it allows you to learn how your children feel. Children may have a variety of negative emotions, including sadness and fear. Your kids may want to know how life will change and what will remain the same. They may worry about what may happen to their pets or how you plan to celebrate their favorite holidays.

By all means, do your best to stay respectful after the divorce. Children pick up on negative feelings and may begin to mirror their parents if they see one behaving negatively towards the other parent. Likewise, children may start to show signs of low self-esteem because they relate to both parents.