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How can you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Divorce

To determine that you need to separate from your spouse can be difficult. Once you know you want to split, how can you tell him or her the news?

According to Psychology Today, treating the initial conversation can set the tone for the rest of the divorce. The following tips can help create an easier divorce discussion.

Do not bring it up in an argument

Do not use the fight to reveal your plans even if you considered a divorce before an argument. You should never use divorce as a threat. Not only will your spouse perceive the move as cruel, but it can undermine the thought you put into the decision.

Instead, you should always bring it up when calm and know what you want to say. Think about when you want to tell your husband or wife. Try to avoid spilling the news on holidays or other occasions. You do not want to ruin any holidays or events.

Try to be as gentle as possible

When you break the news, you need to be direct and firm with your words, but you do not have to be cruel. be kind and compassionate about it. Let your spouse know why you want to break up and stay calm. Remain on message and do not give in to any arguments. While you should be compassionate, be careful about providing too much comfort.

Following the conversation, allow your spouse to process what you said. You should wait until he or she is ready to tell others before you say to your children or friends about the breakup.