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How stepparent adoption works in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2021 | Family Law

Connecticut stepparent adoption requires the stepparent to live in the state for at least 6 months. Both biological parents must give permission.  The court waives permission of an absent parent after 12 months of abandonment.

Learn more about the stepparent adoption process if you and your spouse wish for him or her to adopt your biological child.

Stepparent adoption process

Stepparent adoption requires permission of both biological parents when they are present in the child’s life. The court waives parental consent with evidence of neglect, incarceration or proof of unfitness.

Stepchildren older than 14 must give written consent and the understanding that the parent is no longer a legal part of the child’s life. The process of stepparent adoption terminates the rights of the non-custodial, biological parent.

Go to your local courthouse to ask for the adoption documentation. Many of the standard requirements of Connecticut adoption do not apply when the stepparent resides with the child.  A courthouse facilitator can guide the adoption process.

When can a stepparent adopt

Adoption is permanent and does not change after divorce. Prepare for the life-long commitment of co-parenting if you plan to adopt your stepchild or have your spouse adopt your biological child.

Both parents are responsible for half the expenses to raise the child.  In other words, if the marriage ends, the stepparent will still have visitation rights and be responsible to pay financial support until the child turns 18.

Stepparent adoption is a generous and loving choice to commit to your family. Connecticut aids in stepparent adoption with an easy process.