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How may a mediator help bring a positive end to my marriage?

Mediation could help troubled or contentious marriages end on a more positive note. The American Bar Association notes that mediators guide two opposing parties to meet outcomes that work for both individuals.

Rather than becoming involved in a drawn-out court procedure, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may interact through a neutral mediator. A skilled negotiator listens to each side and works to generate effective solutions. Through personalized discussions, a mediator helps you reach results that you and your spouse could accept as fair.

What could a mediator do for me?

Because Connecticut’s divorce statutes require an equitable distribution of marital property, each spouse has a right to discuss taking ownership of shared assets. When dissolving a marriage, Connecticut requires dividing marital property in a way that both parties find fair.

Before meeting with a mediator, you may, for example, create a list detailing how you would like to see your property divide. Perhaps you wish to remain in your current home or drive away in a shared vehicle. Some individuals may need financial assistance to support custodial children. Although a mediator may not get you everything you want, you may reach an outcome that gives you the most important things that you need.

How may a mediator help with a quarrelsome spouse?

Conflicts between two spouses already locked in disagreement may take their toll. A great deal of unnecessary stress could enter into the divorce negotiations. A study reported by Scientific American claims that a more aggressive mediator may bring about a greater willingness to reach an agreement between two strongly conflicting parties.

Resolutions achieved through an experienced mediator may help you dissolve your marriage and move forward with limited or no disadvantages. If your spouse seems confrontational or combative when discussing a divorce, the right mediator could help work things out for you.