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Can you make your spouse return an heirloom wedding ring?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Divorce

Because every couple wants the wedding to be special and memorable, weddings are big money in the U.S. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the wedding industry has an annual value of nearly $6 billion. As such, it is not uncommon for intending spouses to spend a small fortune on a wedding ring.

If you married your spouse using an heirloom wedding ring, you may have saved some cash. Still, the ring is invaluable to you and your family. If your marriage someday ends in divorce, you may wonder if you can force your spouse to return the heirloom ring.

Separate property

Like most other states, Connecticut is an equitable distribution jurisdiction. This means divorcing spouses usually divide marital assets pursuant to what is fair and just.

When it comes to your wedding ring, though, it is probably separate property As such, your heirloom ring likely belongs exclusively to your husband or wife and is not subject to property division when you divorce.

Marital agreements

Even though the heirloom ring means something to your spouse, it is probably more meaningful to you and your relatives. Consequently, you may have an existing prenuptial agreement that explicitly states what happens to the ring when you divorce. If not, you may want to negotiate a postnuptial agreement before divorcing your husband or wife.

Your spouse may not be in the mood to create a postnuptial agreement, unfortunately. Because of the sentimental value of your heirloom ring, it may be wise to use divorce mediation instead of litigation to wrap up your marriage.

Ultimately, a qualified mediator may be able to help you come up with a framework that allows you to retake possession of the ring.