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Losing passport privileges due to back child support

Falling behind on child support you owe could affect many facets of your life, such as your ability to drive, your tax refund and your property. It is important to understand that you could also lose your passport privileges if you fail to pay child support.

If you need a passport to attend an important family event in another country, go on a crucial business trip or enjoy a vacation that you have dreamed about for years, you should review how failing to pay child support can affect passport eligibility.

Could unpaid child support affect your passport?

The Office of Child Support Enforcement goes over the Passport Denial Program and provides helpful information for parents who owe back child support and have concerns about their passports. In fact, if you owe $2,500 or more in back child support, the government could deny your application or revoke your existing passport.

If you apply for a passport with an excessive amount of back child support, the government could reject your application. Furthermore, if you need to add pages, change your name or repair your passport, the government could revoke it if you have over $2,500 in unpaid child support.

Can you address unpaid child support to restore privileges?

If you cannot apply for a passport or the government revoked your passport due to unpaid child support, you should go over your options. You should understand that parents in some states can make partial payments or set up a payment plan with the state and restore their passport privileges, while others need to pay everything they owe.

Whether you need to pay back child support or modify your child support order, you should address any concerns or problems related to child support as soon as possible.