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3 ways an uncontested divorce may help your financial future

If you are like many American couples facing divorce, you and your spouse may want to minimize the fallout from your separation by pursuing an uncontested divorce.

In addition to shielding children from the emotional stress involved in litigation, an uncontested divorce may allow you and your future ex to maintain control of the final outcome. Importantly, avoiding court may also lead to healthier financial futures for you both.

1. Minimize costs

When a divorce goes to court, it can take many months or even years to resolve. That can easily lead to steep costs in terms of court fees and legal counsel. With an uncontested process, you may be able to minimize both the money and time you spend on your divorce.

2. Stay focused on smart planning

Knowing that you and your spouse, rather than a judge, have the final word on how to divide your assets can also be empowering. Avoiding a trial may give you each the time and thought you need to fully assess your current finances as well as your separate future budgets.

3. Find mutually beneficial solutions

The family law courts try to distribute property fairly. However, a judge has limited time to make a decision. While the division may be legally equitable, it may lead to unexpected and undesirable financial consequences for both you and your ex-spouse. Uncontested divorce allows you to negotiate asset division carefully and constructively.

Choosing an uncontested divorce does not mean that you need to navigate the process on your own. Both divorce mediation and divorce collaboration offer guidance and legal support to help you and your spouse find your separate paths forward.