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FAQs about the top causes of divorces

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

The shift in marriage trends that have taken place since the middle of the twentieth century has normalized divorce. As a result, the stigma surrounding this family issue is now largely gone. As a result, marriage has become less of a lifelong commitment in the United States.

With the United States having some of the highest divorce rates worldwide, it is natural to wonder what causes this incident. Here is more on the most common causes of divorce.

What are the most common causes of divorces?

One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. Along the same lines is a lack of commitment to the marriage. Alcohol and substance abuse problems are also high on the list.

Many marriages also ended due to financial troubles, such as debt. Finally, the last notable cause of divorce is conflict and couples’ inability to reconcile their differences.

How frequently is infidelity a factor?

The results of numerous studies connect infidelity and the divorce process. It is a prominent reason for a familial split in all age groups. Depending on age, infidelity causes between 10% and 58% of divorces.

How often does substance abuse cause divorce?

Substance abuse is also one of the top reasons marriages end. Depending on age, alcohol and drug problems cause between 10% and 35% of divorces.

How often does money cause divorce?

Money problems are just as prominent a cause as alcohol and substance abuse. Depending on age, financial issues caused approximately 14% to 37% of divorces.

Although these statistics may seem dire, marriage counseling and other methods have saved many marriages. Almost half of all United States couples will find themselves going through this process.