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How can you reduce your children’s stress after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Family Law

While divorce can be a good decision for your family, it is not a decision that comes without stress and emotional turmoil. Children experience their fair share of stress as the family unit breaks apart. They have to acclimate to life in two different households and change their routine.

Fortunately, you and your former spouse can help alleviate your children’s stress.

Work together with your ex

While divorced, you and your ex still have an important role in your children’s lives. Work together as co-parents to give your kids a stable upbringing. If you argue in front of the kids, they may blame themselves or feel less secure talking to you or your ex. If you need to discuss your kids, do so privately and not in front of them.

Play an active role in your children’s lives and support the same behavior from your ex. Kids need to know that both parents still love them and will schedule one-on-one time with them.

Be supportive of your children’s emotions

While it can be difficult to hear your children’s negative thoughts about your divorce, you must let them express themselves. Do not push them to feel differently; instead, start an open and honest dialogue about feelings. Tell them that divorce is a process and that being upset is a normal reaction. Gradually, feelings of resentment or depression will fade.

Be careful about negative talk about your ex. While it is normal to need to vent, ensure you only do so in the company of other adults where your children cannot hear it.