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What are the benefits of joint custody?

When parents go through a divorce, they most likely want a custody option that will suit their child well.

Custody differs from family to family, and what works for one may not work for others. However, joint custody has a long history of serving benefits to both the parents and children of divorce.

Benefits for parents

Psychology Today discusses the benefits of joint custody. Joint custody occurs when both parents share equal legal custody – and sometimes even physical custody – of their children. In other words, both parents have equal legal weight when it comes to making decisions for their children.

This also means they have equal opportunity to be a part of their children’s lives. It allows them to foster healthy bonds and continue to grow those bonds throughout their child’s life as they grow into adults.

Benefits for children

This is also healthy for the children, who will benefit from having the support of a two-parent household even if their parents do not physically live together.

On top of that, many studies show that children of joint custody have healthier coping mechanisms when compared to children who experience sole custody. This may also tie into the higher rate of healthy relationships they have in adulthood.

Who doesn’t it work for?

Joint custody does not work for everyone. For example, sometimes parents will not physically be present as is the case with active duty service members or people facing potential incarceration. But if it seems like a viable option, parents could see the benefits if they give it a try.