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Preparing for your turn in child custody court

Reaching an agreement about how you will split your time with your children is arguably one of the hardest parts of a divorce. Depending on the circumstances, you might feel strongly about an arrangement where you have full custody.

If you allow your emotions to get the best of you, it could harm your experience and jeopardize the outcome of your arrangement. Preparing for custody court requires time, patience and rationale.

Learn about what to expect

Prior to making any decisions about the welfare of your children, courts will first assess the best interests of each child in your family. According to, best interests include the unique physical and mental health needs of each child, as well as educational requirements.

Courts will also assess your and your ex’s abilities to provide safe, stable and loving homes for each child. When you know what to anticipate in a child custody hearing, you might feel more confident to begin.

Familiarize yourself with laws

Child custody laws vary from state to state. It could benefit you to familiarize yourself with basic custody laws so you can advocate for the well-being of your children. Understanding laws may also give you the tools you need to effectively strategize your case.

Prioritize professionalism and respect

Given the intensity of many custody battles, you should prepare to feel strong emotions. However, make it a priority to show professionalism and respect in the courtroom. Dress appropriately and have dignity and poise. Think of your children and put them at the forefront of everything you do. Your demeanor could have an instrumental impact on the outcome of your agreement.

Determining child custody has its difficulties. Your preparation and willingness to keep a rational perspective could make a considerable difference in your experience.