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Fathers make up an increasing number of custodial parents

Working through the divorce process can present various challenges as a father. If you worry about your ability to spend time with your child or financial obligations in front of you (such as child support payments), you could have a considerable amount of anxiety. However, it is vital to focus on the options in front of you and steps you can take to protect your child’s best interests.

Reviewing statistics on custodial fathers could provide confidence and make it easier for you to approach the divorce process. In fact, fathers represent an increasing proportion of custodial parents.

More fathers have become custodial parents

The Census Bureau shared a report on custodial parents and their kids. According to Census Bureau data, the percentage of custodial fathers went up from 1994 to 2018. During 2018, fathers represented 20.1% of custodial parents. In 1994, fathers only made up 16% of custodial parents. Furthermore, 26.5% of kids under the age of 21 had a parent living outside of the household during 2018.

Working through issues involving child custody

This data should serve as a reminder that courts do not always award custody rights to the mother. When dealing with a dispute over child custody, you should try to keep a positive attitude and reflect on the unique details surrounding your family’s circumstances. Make sure you do everything in your power to obtain an end result that safeguards your child’s well-being.

Whether you share custody with your child’s other parent or become a custodial father, it is essential to prioritize your relationship with your child and their best interests.