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What factors are most responsible for the cost of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Divorce

The emotional impact of getting a divorce demands recognition. One must tend to mental health needs before, during and after this life-changing event.

That said, feelings are never entirely quantifiable. This differs sharply from the financial side of divorce, which is decidedly measurable. Divorcing individuals should focus on which variables are most responsible for the final figure.

Factor #1: Whether the lawyers are expensive

Divorce attorneys can be expensive, but often it is worth investing in high-level legal counsel. Having the right individual providing representation during divorce can make a significant difference. Know how to find the best one for the situation.

Factor #2: Whether spouses can hash out agreements

The greater the number of issues splitting spouses can agree on, the less time a divorce demands. Less time bickering over details means fewer attorney hours toward a case. The flip side is that plenty of conflicts mean a trial is probable. Going before a judge will inevitably cost more than settling out of court.

Factor #3: Whether complex assets exist

While some divorces are relatively simple, others demand dividing up complex financial portfolios. A thriving business, for example, may need splitting. Valuable artwork calls out for valuation, not to mention a determination of where each piece will go. Properties and vehicles are up for grabs. People sometimes fight tooth and nail over inanimate objects.

The final price of getting a divorce varies greatly depending on the circumstances. Before taking action, it is best to assess these critical financial elements.