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Enforcing child support when your ex lives in another state

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Blog, Family Law

If the court awarded child support and your child’s other parent refuses to pay, you could face a number of problems. Aside from financial concerns, such as the inability to buy groceries or pay bills, you could struggle with strong emotions such as anxiety or even anger. Child support issues can become even more complicated when the non-custodial parent does not live in the same state.

It is pivotal to place your child’s needs first and focus on their best interests. If your ex moved to a different state, you should review your options and go over the enforcement of child support orders in this situation.

Enforcing a child support order in a different state

The Connecticut Department of Social Services says that while they might not have jurisdiction over a non-custodial parent living in another state, they still have the responsibility to enforce a child support order. If your child’s other parent lives outside of Connecticut, DSS could secure child support payments by sending an income withholding order to his or her employer.

Additionally, Connecticut could work with the child support agency in the state your ex resides in to help with the enforcement of a child support order.

Pursuing child support enforcement

Whether your child’s other parent lives in Connecticut or a different state, it is pivotal to pursue the enforcement of your child support order if your ex is not making payments. You should try to address unpaid child support as soon as possible and focus on securing the payments you deserve.