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Reasons to modify a custody order after a relocation

Whether due to a job change or other differing life circumstances, you might need to relocate at some point after your divorce. In such cases, you may need to modify your child custody order accordingly.

There are several reasons to consider modification if one parent has to relocate.

Account for geographical distance

When a parent moves to a new location that significantly increases the distance between them and the child’s other parent, it can make the existing custody arrangement impractical or challenging to maintain. Modify the order to create a more feasible visitation schedule.

Adjustment for work changes

Job opportunities, career advancements or job transfers can often necessitate a move. Statistics show that 32.5% of relocations in 2021 were due to work-related reasons, and divorced parents are not exempt. A parent’s new work obligations may require adjustments to the custody arrangement to accommodate their schedule and responsibilities.

Allowance for your child’s best interests

You should consider an adjustment if the child’s well-being and development would be better served by a modified custody arrangement due to the relocation.

Modification for financial changes

A parent’s financial situation may change after relocation, impacting their ability to fulfill their child support obligations or provide for the child’s needs. In such cases, modifying custody may be necessary to ensure the child’s financial stability.

Custody orders consider not only fair and equal time distribution but also the travel time involved and the disruption it can cause. Consider all of these factors as you plan your custody order modification.