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Could a divorce alternative work better for you?

Screaming court battles over child custody, dividing assets and other divorce issues seem to be a stereotype about the divorce process. But is it the norm?

Many couples have found a way around this particular type of hostility. Ending a marriage does not have to mean going to war. There are a variety of divorce alternatives people can pursue for a much more peaceful divorce.


This style of divorce provides a variety of benefits. It is less expensive, encourages discussion and sets a tone of cooperation for the future. Many people opt for a mediation-style divorce over arbitration or litigation because it is more peaceful.

Mediation involves meeting with a third party together with your soon-to-be ex. This person helps you and your spouse settle all types of divorce-related issues. A mediator can help you figure out a custody plan and how to divide all your assets.

It is a collaborative process that can help resolve divorce-related problems calmly. Mediation can help preserve relationships and generally leaves people with a better feeling about the process than an intense court-battle.


Collaborative divorce is another less-contentious method of divorce that people seem to favor. This type of divorce can help diffuse the emotion and stress out of the process. It re-focuses the divorce on getting an efficient outcome that both parties are comfortable with.

During the process, each couple has their own attorney. Each party discusses what they want out of the divorce, before coming together and meeting to work out an agreement as a sort of team. This method is similar to mediation, but it lets each couple retain their own attorney and have a sense of independence and separation.


While mediation and collaboration are the two most common types of divorce alternatives, there are a few others that people have tried, too.

A do-it-yourself divorce seems like a good alternative option. However, it is not recommended. While you might think having an attorney makes the process more serious, it is not a good idea to go into any type of legally-related process without a lawyer.

“Conscious uncoupling” is another more unusual method of divorcing. It is one of the most amicable processes and involves both parties staying on particularly good terms even after the split. This type of divorce can be used in tandem with mediation or collaboration. It allows a family to still be a family, even if the parents are not technically married.

If a hard-fought and stressful battle is not for you, you may want to consider choosing a divorce alternative such as mediation or collaboration. These are other options you can use to adjust the process and leave your divorce with better feelings and good nature.