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Cash payments and refusal to pay child support

If your child’s other parent is paid in cash and they refuse to pay child support, there are other strategies to hold them accountable for what they owe. Often, child support is withheld from a parent’s paycheck, but it is often trickier to secure these funds when parents are paid in cash. That said, there are many other ways to obtain support from parents who have fallen behind and refuse to make payments.

Unfortunately, some parents fail to take action when their ex becomes delinquent on child support.

Reviewing other strategies to collect child support

According to the Administration for Children and Families, there are a variety of ways in which non-custodial parents who owe back child support are penalized and held responsible for their delinquency. For example, notices from a child support office, phone calls and automatic bills pressure some parents to pay what they owe. In other instances, additional steps are necessary, such as tax refund interception, revoking driver’s licenses and occupational licenses, passport denial, property liens and court action.

Reviewing the impact of back child support

For parents, daily life is often challenging enough without additional problems due to a former partner’s refusal or inability to pay child support. For example, families often suffer in many ways, financially and emotionally, when a parent does not live up to their obligations. Difficulty with school supplies, medical costs, tuition and other needs is all too common. If you are not receiving what you deserve, do not hesitate to stand up for your rights and hold your child’s other parent accountable.