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What are some unique benefits of collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Firm News

When you think of a divorce, you may picture an extreme amount of time spent arguing or long days in court.

However, collaborative divorce approaches the subject in a unique way. Instead of focusing on the more frustrating aspects of divorce, you and your ex-spouse can choose to seek a mutually beneficial solution.

Reduces stress

According to Psychology Today, focusing on the goals you both have in common can reduce the amount of arguing in a divorce. The collaborative process does not take place in a courtroom, but instead often happens in meetings with the presence of a third party.

The reduction of stress is especially important for couples with young children, who often do not want to disrupt their lives too much.

Allows for creativity

While typical divorces may focus less on the emotional aspects, you can often negotiate for unique provisions for yourself or your children in collaborative divorces. This informality can work to your advantage.

You and your ex-spouse may want to come to an agreement that the court would not typically consider. In a collaborative divorce, you can discuss your needs and wants more freely.

Prevents costs and wasted time

While many contested divorces in court can cost a significant amount, many collaborative divorces cost a lot less overall. The time spent negotiating and discussing matters is also generally shorter since the meetings can work around your schedule.

By focusing on a shared goal and a respectful and direct process, you can come to a resolution you feel satisfied with. Collaborative divorce can benefit any couple looking to have control over how they divorce.