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Tips for long distance co-parenting

After your divorce, a Connecticut judge may grant you and your ex-spouse joint custody of your children. However, if you need to move out of state, you may worry about meeting your parental responsibilities while maintaining a parent-child bond.

These are tips for how to parent from a distance.

Be emotionally available

You do not need to be in the same room as your children to be a supportive parent. Instead, you can gain your children’s trust by listening attentively, acknowledging what they share and avoiding multitasking during interactions to give them your full attention.

Maintain a consistent schedule

Despite the distance separating you from your children, they will feel secure if they can count on you. Having a fixed time to discuss your days, review homework assignments, play interactive games or watch a favorite movie together from your respective homes is part of a comforting routine your children can anticipate.

Be spontaneous

You do not need to schedule every interaction with your children. Spontaneous gestures such as texting a funny joke, picture or warm greeting or an unplanned weekend morning phone call are simple but effective ways to let your children know they are in your thoughts.

Prioritize children’s scheduling needs

The court always puts children’s needs first, and you should do the same. Avoid conveying disappointment when your children need to reschedule speaking with you due to conflicting school, extracurricular or social commitments.

Schedule parenting meetings

You and your ex-spouse should check in with each other frequently about your children’s health, education, religion or emotions. Also, consult with the custodial parent before planning in-person visits to avoid potentially disappointing your children.

Parenting from another state is challenging but not impossible when you and your ex-spouse collaborate and make adjustments to promote your children’s happiness and well-being.